A Community Art Studio

Affordable studios for artists to grow, get messy and be creative together.

Pursuit Studios offers affordable studio space and a community for artists to join and be creative together.  We offer semi-private studios that you can paint, hang, decorate, nail and get messy with to make it your own.   You will find a dedicated space where artists can share unused tools, paint, and misc material for others to get creative with.  Want to photograph your work?  We provide a space with provided dimmable/kelvin-changing lights and a natural skylight to take photos of your masterpiece.  Need to clean off your brushes?  We have a community washing sink for that!  Pursuit Studios aim to provide almost everything an artist needs to get started, grow or perfect their work.

Parking, Utilities, and Internet are included.  Large Private Studios with personal bathrooms are also available. – Starting $350 / Month

Location Coming Soon: 2nd floor of 1070 S Cameron Street.  Near Club XL and PennDOT.

The Studio’s Layout and Its Features:

Dedicated locked 24/7 private access to our 2nd floor studios.
Every studio comes with a pendant light and a 5000K Daylight LED bulb.
Every studio comes equipped with a 2,400 Joul Dedicated Surge Protector Strip Mounted to the wall.
Make the studio your own! We primed the walls with satin white primer so you can paint, draw, hang and decorate your studio however you see fit.
Looking for pencils, canvases, brushes or paint? Have some extra art supplies others could use? This is our community art closet to share tools and resources.
Take photos of your masterpiece. We include kelvin changing light stands with a white background screen so you can take photos of your work.
Need to clean off your paint brushes? We have a dedicated sink with cleaning materials to get those brissels brand new.
Two bathrooms open for our art community.
Large private office with private bathroom with a shower. Currently AVAILABLE.
Large private office with private bathroom with a shower. Currently AVAILABLE.

Pursuit Studios Will Be Available Soon!

Interested?  Fill out the form below and we’ll inform you when the studios are ready.
  • Example: What is your medium, what is your style, do you use charcoal, do you sculpt?