Looking For A Coworking Space?

Coworking gives you the flexibility you want, the productivity you need, and the community you crave.


Coworking gets you all of the best parts of having an office without any of the inconvenience. Forget leases – this is a subscription based service, just like Netflix!  Instead of enabling procrastination, however, this one gets you a sleek, professional environment designed to connect you with others on the same journey, share knowledge and experience, and get more done.”. 


Our members range from web developers, engineers, and nonprofits to graphic designers, finance pros, and video production. If you’re a remote, independent, or nomadic professional, coworking is likely a great fit. We’ve found that telemarketers, political campaigns, and those who need workshop space will need a different setting to be most successful, though.

Our Awesome Amenities:

24/7 Secured Access
Meeting and Conference Rooms
Mail Service
Business Grade Internet
Kitchen Access
Great location
Phone Booths for privacy

+ Access to member exclusives, like access to the expertise and tools at The Foundry Makerspace, reciprocal membership benefits at coworking spaces across the country and discounts with various organizations

Day Passes

Dog barking?  Need to leave the house once in a while to be more productive?  Our ‘day passes’ give you the flexibility to find productivity when you need it.

Meeting Rooms

Need to take an important Zoom call or meet a client somewhere that isn’t your dining room?  Our meeting rooms are available to rent by the hour.

Monthly Memberships

Whether you need a flexible workspace or your own desk, our monthly memberships fit the bill.  Fast internet, Elementary Coffee Co coffee, phone booths for private phone calls, meeting rooms, and parking are all included!

Community Safe – COVID

We’re continuously staying on top of  COVID-19.  From weekly Clorox 360 cleaning to installing a state-of-the-art Air Bipolar Ionization HVAC system, we’re taking steps that are above and beyond to keep our members safe.

See if Pursuit will work for you.

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Working Remotely?

Ask your boss if your company offers coworking reimbursement as a benefit!